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Peaceful Potty Training
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Potty train with less stress

Avoid power struggles, accidents, and regression

Support your child based on their personality type

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No thanks, I’ve got this. I just want the visual schedule and chart.

The problem isn’t you or your child. It’s the method.

There’s no need to put your life on hold for three days and have weeks of accidents afterward.

Peaceful Potty Training was developed by a child development expert so that you can help put the pieces together to figure out the exact skills your child needs to be successful and excited to potty train.

About Katie

Katie is a veteran preschool teacher and has helped hundreds of children potty train. She has spent 17 years learning everything she can about child development and has put all of those theories and methods to the test while working with children.

After spending nearly two decades helping parents and teachers help potty train children of all different abilities, she has put all of her best advice and science backed techniques into a gentle and peaceful method that walks you through the whole process.

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