From diapers to underwear — gently and effectively!

Potty training isn’t one size fits all.

Many potty training methods only work for a small number of children,

Leaving parents and caregivers feeling like they failed

Or that there is something wrong with their child.

The truth is that lots of popular potty training methods are outdated

Or create extra frustration, power struggles, and unnecessary stress.

Set Your Child Up
for Success!

The problem isn’t you or your child.

The first 10 years I spent potty training children, I thought that:

Daily accidents were normal

Children needed to use the bathroom every 30 minutes

If I was committed enough, potty training would happen

The reality is that:

You don’t need to spend your entire weekend in the bathroom and clean up accidents for weeks afterward

Children can be taught how to listen to their body signals instead of always relying on an adult to tell them when to go potty

There are four main pieces of the puzzle that your child will develop to master potty training.

About Katie

Katie is a child development expert, the creator of Preschool Inspirations — one of the top preschool education websites,  and a veteran preschool teacher who has helped hundreds of children successfully potty train. 

After spending nearly two decades helping parents and teachers potty train children of all different abilities, she has put all of her best advice and science backed methods into a gentle and peaceful method that walks you through the whole process.

What parents and teachers have said about Peaceful Potty Training:

After trying to potty train my 3 and a half year old son based on suggestions and advice from doctors, educators and the internet, my son was still not close to being potty trained. All of their advice lacked details and left me very confused and at a loss for what to do. This turned out to be one of the best investments I've made for my son. After going through 60% of this course, I decided to start using the techniques and they worked immediately. He went from about 20% trained to 80% trained in a few weeks. This course is not just good potty training, it’s good parenting.

You are the potty training queen! This worked so well with my toddler!!

This is great! I showed it to my daughter yesterday. She started using her schedule cards and actually started using the toilet potty at home and today at school!!! Thank you for this!!

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