The Best Preschool Learning Activities Book is Here!

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Not only is play fun for young children–
it is how they learn best!

Make a mesmerizing alphabet sensory bottle.
Journey through a jungle animal obstacle course.
Create an entire town powered by magnets.

This book has it All!
75 Activities to teach:
Social-Emotional Learning
Gross Motor
Fine Motor
And Art

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Use the power of Play to help 3-5 Year Olds Learn

  • Important listening, speaking, and pre-reading skills
  • To confidently count and understand math
  • Ways to investigate and explore how the world works around us
  • How to identify emotions and work through them
  • To move their bodies with purpose and develop hand-eye coordination
  • Hand strengthening that promotes proper writing grasp and letter formation
Child doing stamping with Lego Duplos

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About Katie

Katie is a veteran preschool teacher with 20 years of experience in Early Childhood Education and is passionate about teaching children how they learn best–through play and movement!

She is best known for ideas that are simple, packed full of learning, and kid-loved!

Katie loves helping educators and parents find hands-on activities that make a big impact without breaking the bank.


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