Get the best songs for kids, all in one place!

Music is one of the most powerful ways that children learn, so we love adding music anytime we can to our own preschool themes and  preschool curriculum

We’ve put together our absolute best-loved songs for kids that children beg to listen to over and over again. Don’t worry, you’ll like these too! So grab your dance moves, warm up your singing voice, and get ready to play the best preschool song playlist!

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Need a perfect solution to help children get their energy or wiggles out? Check out the highlights below, then click over to get more movement and action songs

Tony Chestnut by The Learning Station

This song is one of the absolute best out there! It’s guaranteed to get your kids moving and thinking at the same time – what’s better than that?!

We are the Dinosaurs by The Laurie Berkner Band

Get stompin’ around with this super fun action song!

Penguin Dance by Jack Hartmann

This popular song teaches left and right, following directions, and develops critical listening skills!

Every teacher needs the amazing tool that is brain breaks! If you haven’t experienced the magic of action and dance songs already, here’s a perfect opportunity to try a few brain break songs in your classroom or home.

I am a Robot by Kymberly Stewart 

A fun dance song where everyone pretends to be a robot! It also will strengthen memory and recall skills.

Get Yo Body Movin’ by Koo Koo Kanga Roo

Get everyone up and grooving with this irresistible action and dance song!


Move and Freeze by The Learning Station

The Learning Station is the best at action and dance songs! This freeze dance brain break will have them moving for sure.

Fingerplays are like magic! These teachable moments help with fine motor development, pre-writing skills, language development, and much more  – plus, they’re just so much fun! Here’s three of our favorites, or click here to discover many more amazing fingerplays!

Two Little Friends by Alina Celeste

This probably one of my top 5 fingerplays, and a frequent request of my own kiddos. It’s also a great tool for reinforcing opposites and vocabulary skills.

Open Shut Them by Debbie Doo

You cannot have a list of fingerplays without including Open Shut Them! You may recognize this one from story time at a local library.

Baby Shark by Miss Nina

You can use Baby Shark in lots of different ways, and this finger play is one of our favorites! Don’t miss our ultimate list of baby shark videos, including seasonal versions!

Nursery Rhymes

One of the most important ways we can help young children learn to read and speak is to start them off with nursery rhymes. They help break down words for children, and studies have shown that a child’s “ability to recite familiar nursery rhymes was both directly and indirectly related to later literacy and language abilities.” Get even more nursery rhymes here!

Baa Baa Black Sheep by Raffi

You can never have too much Raffi! This version of Baa Baa Black Sheep is so sweet and creative, incorporating other animals and rhyming words.

Itsy Bitsy Spider – Itsy Ditsy Spider by The Learning Station

Meet the Itsy Bitsy’s Spider’s little brother Ditsy in this adorable and catchy version of the classic nursery rhyme!

There Were Five in the Bed by The Laurie Berkner Band

The classic nursery rhyme sung with a surprise ending!

Learning the alphabet through song provides the opportunity to experience letters in a fun and entertaining way, while also keeping a gradual pace to the learning process. Check out some of our favorite ABC and alphabet songs below, then click through for the full list!

Learning Letter Sounds by Jack Hartmann

We love all of Jack Hartmann’s alphabet songs, but this is our favorite! It’s great for working on letter recognition and letter sounds.

A is for Apple by Patty Shukla

This song has it all – an easy melody to learn, phonics, and some sign language!

The ABC’s to Mary Had a Little Lamb by Alina Celeste

The traditional ABC’s sung to a different tune. What a great idea! This helps reinforce the letter order, instead of singing the tune by rote.

Rainbow songs are a simple and fun way for children to work on the names of colors, and there is so much science to learn about with rainbows too. Click here for even more great rainbow songs!

Rainbow by Nancy Kopman

We love this rainbow song so much for including science! It has the names of colors and rainbow color order, but also teaches WHY a rainbow appears.

Roy G Biv by They Might Be Giants

What a fun, creative take on a rainbow song! Even adults will groove along with the catchy tune.

The Rainbow Song by Signing Time

We love taking opportunities to teach our little learners some sign language!

Animal Songs

Animal songs are always a winner, and they are also a great way to learn about science at the same time. These preschool songs and toddler songs are bound to be  crowd pleasers!

Animal Farm by Music with Nancy

A catchy tune with a hilarious rooster! A fun way to introduce some farm animals and the sounds they make.

Pig On Her Head by The Laurie Berkner Band

Even my “big girl” kindergartener can’t get enough of this one!

Zoo Movements by Dr. Jean

This one has tons of fun animal movements to go along with the easy tune.

Clean Up Songs

Clean up songs for kids are some of the best ways to make a chore a lot more fun! Replace the dreaded phrase of “you need to pick up your toys” with one of these awesome and exciting tunes, and cleaning up will feel a lot happier in no time. Plus, we have a bunch more clean up songs for you to choose from.

Clean Up Song by The Singing Walrus

A fun call-and-response clean up song that helps keep kids engaged and focused on the task.


Clean Up Vacuum Cleaner by Jack Hartmann

Kids pretend to zoom around as a clean up vacuum cleaner!


Clean It Up by The Laurie Berkner Band

A great clean up song from one of our favorite musicians!

Popular Kids' Songs

We’ve saved some of the best kid songs for last! These are inspired by our Exclusive Subscriber printable with 50 songs that kids love. You can grab the printable here.

Pop See Ko by Koo Koo Kanga Roo

The fun guys of Koo Koo Kanga Roo are here with one of their top hits! Kids can’t get enough of the goofy lyrics and fun dance moves.

Icky Sticky Bubble Gum by The Learning Station

A popular action song where kids pretend that gum gets stuck to different parts of their body.

Going on a Bear Hunt by Greg and Steve

Enjoy this classic kids’ song with pictures and fun musical interludes!

The Goldfish by The Laurie Berkner Band

My kids CANNOT GET ENOUGH of this song! It’s guaranteed to get all your little fishies up swimming.