From diapers to underwear without the fuss!

What if you had a tool to use with your child that helped prevent power struggles, nagging, and constant accidents?

Potty training can be overwhelming to a child and cause him to shut down, have no interest, or completely resist it.

That’s why I developed this potty training chart to help keep potty training fun and inviting while telling children what to do at the same time.  When children use the pictures of the potty training visual schedule, they begin to understand when it’s time to use the bathroom and are motivated to do it.

Give your Child the tools
to succeed!

The Potty Training Visual Schedule Kit has 3 parts!

A book to introduce the concept of potty training and explain when to go

Visual schedule cards to keep with you in your purse or on their backpack

A potty training chart for them to put the pictures on and feel confident

What others are saying...

You are the potty training queen! This worked so well with my toddler!!

This is great! I showed it to my daughter yesterday. She started using her cards and actually started using the toilet potty at home and today at school!!! Thank you for this!!

Love this! The pics are fun and colorful! It's a great resource.

About Katie

Katie is a veteran preschool teacher and has helped hundreds of children potty train. She saw the power of using visuals while teaching her students and knew that it would help connect the dots while children were learning independence with potty training too.