Circle Time 101

Circle Time 101 Tips by Preschool Inspirations

This post explains the benefits of circle time, how to have circle time in various ways, and how to feel confident about circle time if you find it intimidating. Back in the days that I was going to college, I absolutely would have loved a Circle Time 101 class! Like many of you, I’ve had […]

Your Preschool Questions Answered

Your Preschool Questions Answered by Preschool Inspirations

This post is my response to the various preschool related questions from you all, my wonderful readers. I recently asked on our facebook page  how I could help give some guidance, whether you were a preschool parent, teacher, or running a preschool. I am happy to share my own experiences with a best practices for […]

Homemade Ice Cream Scented Bubble Recipe

DIY Ice Cream Scented Bubbles Recipe ~ Preschool Inspirations-3

We love bubbles, and we love yummy scents, especially ice cream. Much to my excitement I found out that the two could be combined. I first saw the idea from a set of ice cream bubbles that I purchased at the dollar store. Aren’t they the best bubble holders ever? Well, as you may know, […]

Ladybug Facts for Kids

Ladybug Facts ~ Preschool Inspirations-4

My preschoolers and I recently witnessed 1,500 ladybugs being released into our greenhouse, and it was incredible. We are talking constantly about ladybugs now, also known as ladybirds, and I thought I would share our findings with you. As you’ll see from my pictures, our ladybugs had a feast in our greenhouse.  This post contains […]

DIY Name Recognition Puzzle

DIY Name Recognition Puzzle ~ Preschool Inspirations-2

What a huge milestone it is when a child learns to spell or write his name. To a preschooler their name has so much meaning. It is always such a proud moment when they can give new life to their name by recognizing it and even writing it themselves.  Some children figure this out completely […]

Rainbow Button Collage Canvas Art

Rainbow Button Mosaic Collage by Preschool Inspirations-4

  This rainbow button collage is my absolute favorite art and craft project ever! My entire class made it together over a few days, and they did a fabulous job. This one is extra special since every child was so excited to participate. After we made it, they stared at it daily for weeks. It […]

DIY Pattern Block Game

DIY Pattern Block Games by Preschool Inspirations-3

I love finding and making fun ways to teach children that are also stress free. This pattern block  learning activity came to me while I was reading one of my new favorite idea books ever. This book…oh my! The moment I started going through it, my brain entered creativity heaven. Plus it has the coolest […]

Preschool Readiness

Preschool Readiness by Preschool Inspirations-3

Are you and your child getting ready for preschool? This is such an exciting time for many families. Preschool can be one of the memorable aspects of a child’s younger years, and it also helps set the stage for kindergarten and even for life! This should be a time of growth and development and a […]

Water Bead Sorting

Water Bead Sorting ~ Preschool Inspirations-3

I am always trying out new sensory play ideas,  and anything with water beads is a win here! I love their texture, their translucent color, and how fun they are to try and keep from slipping out of your hands. If you’ve never tried them out, they are so fun. When you’re done, you can […]