Colored Ice Shapes as Snow Pictures

Ice Pictures by Preschool Inspirations-8

Ice is a blast to play with, and we love using it in both the summer and winter. We made colored ice pictures in the snow, and they turned out beautifully. The process was super fun and very easy for little hands to do! My inspiration for this activity came from the colored ice sculptures […]

Conversation Heart Color Match

Conversation Heart Color Matching-7

Candy games are some of my favorites, and this one is a conversation candy heart color matching busy bag. At first I thought of making it a little complex, but then that went out the window. Simplicity is really my specialty because I’m not loaded with time, and I know that neither are you. All […]

Snow Dough Small World

Frozen Small World in Snow Dough Sensory Play

We are joining in on the fun of making sensory doughs with some blogging friends, and I really need this. In all honesty, I overthink messy play. I think of the prep, the mess, the possible accidents, the aftermath, the potential chaos — and it slightly overwhelms me. So I’m committing to making a different […]

The Best of 2014

The Best of 2014

Are you curious about my most visited and most popular posts? I’ve compiled my top 10 posts for you (and a bonus) in this one post, so if you missed any, you can definitely catch up! At the very end is the best posts of the Kid Blogger Network, so make sure to look through […]

How to Increase Enrollment in a Preschool or Child Care Program

5 Ways to Increase Enrollment in a Preschool or Child Care Program

I know of so many wonderful childcare and preschool programs that are just waiting for the perfect families to find them. Some of them struggle to find clients despite the high quality and super affordable prices. They are diamonds in the rough, and I know that if they had the right tools, they would be […]

How to Save a Dried Out Marker

How to Save a Dried Out Marker by Preschool Inspirations-3 Easy Steps

I used to just throw away a dried out marker. Now, I save them and revive them in three easy steps. This is one of those tricks I wish I would have done ages ago. I can’t even imagine how many markers I’ve thrown out thinking they were useless when they actually had lots of […]

I Teach the Whole Child

I teach children to observe creatures that fly away by Preschool Inspirations

I teach the whole child. As a seasoned teacher, I know that I am helping set the foundation for children, not just for this year or kindergarten, but for a lifetime. Our class is not centered around my direct instruction. Instead, it involves interactions with other children, the ability to process information, decision making skills […]

Gingerbread Christmas Ornament

Gingerbread Baby Christmas Ornament by Preschool Inspirations-4

Once December hits, there’s no denying my gingerbread adoration! This year my kids made these gingerbread sticker Christmas ornaments, and we absolutely love them. We were inspired by the book Gingerbread Baby which is written by Jan Brett. It is my all-time favorite gingerbread book because of the fun story and the stunning pictures. I […]

Natural-Dye Liquid Watercolor

Natural Dye Liquid Watercolor by Preschool Inspirations

I have been waiting to do this Natural-Dye Liquid Watercolor recipe for months! We use liquid watercolor weekly, and it is one of my all-time favorite items to have around. When my friend Asia, the writer of Fun at Home With Kids, told me that she had figured out how to make liquid watercolor with […]