Meltdowns — The Not So Perfect Storm

Meltdowns -- The Not So Perfect Storm

Meltdowns have no boundaries. They happen in any place: at home, in school, the store, restaurants, airplanes, birthday parties, appointments… you name a place and it’s a candidate. I’m no stranger to meltdowns. After teaching young children and having two of my own, I see them on a regular basis. The honest truth is that they […]

Fall Discovery Bottle

Fall Discovery Bottle-3

Discovery bottles also known as sensory bottles are well-loved in my classroom. We made one with the fall table scatter, and it is irresistible. See what I mean. We held them up to our windows, and it was even more magnificent. There are pumpkins, red leaves, brown leaves, and yellow acorns. These were all from […]

Brown Bear Lacing Busy Bag

Brown Bear Lacing Busy Bag-5

We are reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear this week, and I thought that it would be perfect to come up with a busy bag inspired by this dearly loved book! I’m including free printables for this lacing activity, so you can make your own. At the end of the post, there will also be 9 […]

My Preschool Classroom

Preschool Classroom Tour Blog Hop-2

Welcome to my in home preschool. I am so happy to show you around. At the end I’ll send you off to some more amazing classrooms and spaces too. I am a former preschool classroom teacher and administrator of 10 years turned to a work at home preschool teacher, and I’ve been teaching from my […]

Fall Counting Activities

Fall Math Activities  by Preschool Inspirations-2

I’m passing along some of our favorite counting and math activities for the fall. As a math lover myself, I try to make the learning process for my preschoolers exciting and inviting. These are all hands-on learning activities that teach math concepts from a concrete perspective, which is what I have found to be the […]

Circle Time 101

Circle Time 101 Tips by Preschool Inspirations

This post explains the benefits of circle time, how to have circle time in various ways, and how to feel confident about circle time if you find it intimidating. Back in the days that I was going to college, I absolutely would have loved a Circle Time 101 class! Like many of you, I’ve had […]

Your Preschool Questions Answered

Your Preschool Questions Answered by Preschool Inspirations

This post is my response to the various preschool related questions from you all, my wonderful readers. I recently asked on our facebook page  how I could help give some guidance, whether you were a preschool parent, teacher, or running a preschool. I am happy to share my own experiences with a best practices for […]

Homemade Ice Cream Scented Bubble Recipe

DIY Ice Cream Scented Bubbles Recipe ~ Preschool Inspirations-3

We love bubbles, and we love yummy scents, especially ice cream. Much to my excitement I found out that the two could be combined. I first saw the idea from a set of ice cream bubbles that I purchased at the dollar store. Aren’t they the best bubble holders ever? Well, as you may know, […]

Ladybug Facts for Kids

Ladybug Facts ~ Preschool Inspirations-4

My preschoolers and I recently witnessed 1,500 ladybugs being released into our greenhouse, and it was incredible. We are talking constantly about ladybugs now, also known as ladybirds, and I thought I would share our findings with you. As you’ll see from my pictures, our ladybugs had a feast in our greenhouse.  This post contains […]