Easter Egg Music Shakers — Just Playing?

Easter Egg Music Shakers by Preschool Inspirations-2

I am completely convinced that pea gravel is the ultimate sensory experience for kids! It is the most used and explored material in my entire preschool. Every child loves it, and we certainly love to experiment with it. Most recently in my, class it became music and more. This week for the Just Playing? Blog […]

Ice Cube Mold Ideas and Activities for Kids

Ice Cube Tray Activities and Ideas by Preschool Inspirations

It’s no secret that I adore ice cube molds! Some of the greatest activities with children come from the simplest items, and this is no exception. Ice cube trays and molds as well as silicon molds are very versatile, and they make for amazing play activities. There is a super affordable selection from IKEA, and […]

Play-Based Learning: Why it Matters

This is Learning Through Play by Preschool Inspirations

For the longest time, I tried to figure out what “learning through play” meant. Some thoughts that ran through my head were: Is it structured? Does it involve planning? What is the role of the teacher or adult? Are children really learning? Don’t get me wrong, I learned about it in college, but it’s one […]

Lacing Bead Drop: “Just Playing?”

Preschool Inspirations Playing With Lacing Beads

“The true object of all human life is play. Earth is a task garden; heaven is a playground.”  G. K. Chesterton This week I am joining up with a blog hop called “Just Playing?” I encourage you to visit a couple (or even all) of the links below by some incredible bloggers who understand the […]

Hands-On Easter Activity for Preschoolers

Making Easter Meaningful for Young Children-2

Have you ever wondered how to teach young children about Easter? The Easter story is undoubtedly a foundation and anchor in our family, but at the same time, it is absolutely R-rated. This week I had the great privilege of guest posting for True Aim, and I give my mother/teacher perspective on what is important […]

Butterfly Diorama

Preschool Inspirations- Butterfly Diorama-4

One of my favorite concepts to teach to preschoolers is the life cycle of a butterfly! What an incredible process it is going from the egg to the caterpillar into a chrysalis and finally transforming into an amazing butterfly. We always love hands on activities to help reinforce the concepts, and today’s post is just […]

Butterfly Origami and Mobile

Preschool Inspirations- Butterfly Origami and Mobile

I have always been fascinated by Origami, and today’s post is about Origami made simple. Marta has made these super creative butterfly mobiles while blending in the process of Origami at the same time. Even if you are not an familiar with Origami, you will still be able to make these! Here are the supplies: […]

Butterfly Symmetry Activity

Preschool Inspirations- Butterfly Symmetry Activity-4

We are excited for Spring, and what better way than with BUTTERFLIES! These fascinating creatures are delicate, beautiful, graceful, necessary, and just plain fun! Today we have a fun craft that teaches about butterfly symmetry. Butterflies are symmetrical, so Marta came up with the incredibly fun way for children to learn about and understand what […]

Butterfly Alphabet Matching Cards

Preschool Inspirations- Butterfly Alpahbet Matching Cards-2

What do you get when you combine amazing photos of butterflies with a great preschool literacy activity? This great butterfly alphabet matching game! I must say that these are some of the most beautiful printables I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot), which were created and designed  specifically for you all by […]